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Greenhouse Pedicures for “Two or Three”  
Pedicure for “Two” $108
Pedicure for “Three” $159 

Private Spa treatment rooms available for 2 or 3

* Pedicure Spas available for up to " 7 " guests

“Renewal at The Greenhouse” (1/2 Day)  
Includes Greenhouse pedicure, Greenhouse facial treatment, and choice of: Maple Sugar body scrub and Vichy Rainshower treatment, or 60 minute Swedish Massage Therapy treatment.  
Approximately 3 hours $200
 " Day at The Greenhouse "  
Includes French manicure, signature spa pedicure, Customized  Facial treatment, choice of:  Maple Butter body treatment, with Vichy rainshower, or 60 minute Hot Stone Massage Therapy treatment, and a healthy lunch.  
Approximately 5.5 hours $295
“Greenhouse Retreat”  
Includes Customized Essential Facial Treatment, and our " NEW " Maple Sweet body treatment.  
Approximately 2.5 hours $205
“In & Out” of the Greenhouse  
Includes Express facial treatment and Greenhouse pedicure.  
Approximately 2 hours $102
OR/  30 minute Hot stone massage treatment with Greenhouse pedicure. $118
" Day at the Spa with Mommy "  
(Ages 6 to 12)  
Includes 2 Greenhouse manicures, 2 Greenhouse pedicures, and lunch.  
Start with the swimming pool... $190
“ Couples Spa Escape "  
Includes two 60 minute Swedish massage therapy treatments and 2 Greenhouse Pedicures. $235
Men’s Spa Escape  
Includes sport’s manicure, sport’s pedicure, 30 minute Hot Stone
massage treatment and our Gentlemen's Facial Treatment. 
Approximately 3.5 hours $225
Tired Hands & Feet  
Includes French manicure and Greenhouse pedicure.  
Approximately 2.5 hours $90
Add a massage therapy treatment starting at $55
“4 Season’s at the Greenhouse”  
As the seasons change, so do you. Enjoy 4 visits to the spa
throughout the year. Each visit includes Greenhouse manicure,
customized  facial treatment, greenhouse pedicure, 60 minute
Swedish massage treatment & a healthy lunch $995